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  • Fairy print
    "Fairy long lasting Initiative" 2005 
    Agency G2 ( Grey worldwide ) 
    Copywriter: Corina Poenaru |
  • print 2
    Fairy "Cold ice" campaing visual 2005.
    Agency G2.
  • autodesk antipiracy 2
  • Autodesk antipiracy 1
  • autodesk antipiracy 3

    In 2006 Autodesk Romania and A&C International launched an antipiracy campaing to promote rightfull usage of software products. This is one of the series visuals developed for the initiative. Copywriter - Radu Constantinescu.

  • maxCAD1
    Magazine insert for brand&services communication - 2006.
    Client: MaxCAD Romania.
    Copywriter: Radu Constantinescu
  • MaxCAD image campaign 1
    Image campaign for MaxCAD Romania - 2006.
    Copywriter: Radu Constantinescu.
  • MaxCAD image campaign 2
    "Mai simplu" - MaxCAD image campaign 2006.
    Copywriter: Radu Constantinescu.
  • Nuclear2
     "Life need clean energy" 2008
    Client: Strategicom Consult
    Print insert for Nuclearelectrica PR campaing

  • Nuclear1
  • Salome
    "Who would I hurt if I'll be myself"
    Conference poster for Amaneser
  • BBI probatiune1
    Visual adressing the civil society need to get rid of the preconceptions regarding ex-cons.
    Client: Bernard Bruges International
  • BBI probatiune2
    Visual adressing the newly liberated convicted or soon to be liberated persons to reinstate themselves as self-sustained citizens. The programme offers the knoledge to seek out proper help from local authorities and institution following the day of returning to the free society.
  • Dupont
    Dupont OOH
    Client:Strategicom Consult 2009
  • Dupont Principal
    Dupont "Principal"
    Client: Strategicom Consult
  • PIME
    Conference poster for nuclear energy convention Geneva 2010.
    Client: Strategicom Consult
  • Dynamic HR rollups
    Series of visuals for image campaign 2011
    Brand: Dynamic Human Resources
    Partner: Consilio Grup
  • Real campanie
  • Real campanie2
  • Real campanie3
  • real campanie viz
    Promotion campaign visual for real,- Hypermarket Romania 2011
    Partner: Brandvision Media
    The communication idea was based on the fact "a priori" that everyone is unique and real,- offers each one a way to express and endulge him/herself have a choice from a large amount of fresh and quality products.
  • Control poster SMS
    Approximatively every 16 minutes one person dies from lung cancer in romania.
    The poster has several layers of messages. One of them is the fund raising SMS initiative.
    The signature line is: "It's never too early, till is it becomes too late"
  • Control poster
    Poster for "Hope check-up" campaign launching.
    Client: Aer Pur Romania
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    Lung cancer is one of the most terrifying that exists. Romania confronts with a huge amount of deaths derived from this disease. 
  • Anca Maftei psihoterapeut A
  • Anca Maftei psihoterapeut B
  • algida2
  • algida1