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  • Midea Electrocasnice site2
  • Midea Electrocasnice site3
    Client: Midea Romania
    Partner: Strategicom Consult
  • SieN site2
  • SIEN site
    Client: Romatom SA
    Partner: Strategicom Consult
    The website served as a communication and exchange platform for the International symposium regarding Worlds's nuclear energy field.
  • Ispa bacau1
  • Ispa bacau 2
  • ispa bacau 3
    The Selective gathering of recycled material on-site game.
  • ispa bacau 4
    Client: Bacau County Administration
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    The project aim was to raise the public's awarness over the selective recycling problem.
    The website featured also a small game that would teach the visitor which are the right colors associated with the type of material to be recycled. The on-line platform was integrated in a much broader communication initiative present in local mass-media and school programs.
  • Control Site1
  • Control Site2
    Client: Aer Pur Romania
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    Fund raising campaign to help establish The First Romanian Early Lung Cancer Detection.
  • Dynamic HR site1
  • Dynamic HR site2
  • Dynamic HR site3
    Client: Dynamic Human Resources
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    Corporate website for Dynamic Human Resources. Romanian Bucharest based company, the fourth in the hierarchy of human resources companies.
  • Flexi 1
  • Flexi 2
  • Flexi 3
    Client: Dynamic Human Resources
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    The website is part of a national human resources programme developed with European funds.
    It contains the large amout of information sent through the programme duration, implementede by Dynamic Human Resources.
  • Nautic Club Navodari 1
    Partner: BRANDVISION Media
  • Nautic Club Navodari 2
  • Inimed 360 web
    This was the launch site designed along with the branding campaing. It was later refreshed by another supplier.
  • Imob site1
  • imob site2
  • imob site3
  • imob site4
    Below you'll find several proposals for real estate websites that haven't seen the light of "google" from different contextual causes.