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  • Logo Right numbers
    Right numbers is a bucharest based company specialized in legal, human resources and financial advise for a large array of Romanian and foreign clients.
    I deigned their visual identity including logotype and brand language.
    Partner: Consilio Grup Bucharest.
  • Nap-Keen Red
  • Nap-Keen Shine

    Who said napkins should be just square pieces of paper? 

    Occasionaly, they can serve as bed sheets, blankets or even matress:)

    Nap-keen: a funny way of not passing by of what you sometimes pass over your lips! 

  • Biz-Row
  • Biz-Boy
  • Biz Girl

    Now you have your own assistant to “carry” your business cards at the office. Biz-Boy and Biz-Girl represent an attractive way to show and store your cards and also a way to make others be interrested in your contacts details.  

  • Inimed 360 logo
    Partner: CONSILIO GRUP
    Inimed 360 is a newly established Cardiovascular Medicine Clinic. It offers top quality services and latest diagnosis by reuniting  top specialist from Romania and western countries.
  • Designer coasters
  • Vodka glass
  • Key Hanger 2
  • Colgate OHM app2
  • Colgate OHM app1
  • Leben ist shon Sandwich
    Labels for a variaty of sandwiches
  • nautic logo
    Logotype created for a nautic sports resort and hotel from a Romanian sea side location  - Navodari.
    Partner: Brandvision Media
  • Nautic Club Navodari 1
    Partner: BRANDVISION Media
  • Furniture Proposal 1
  • Furniture Proposal B4
  • Furniture Proposal 2
  • masina logo Rosal1
  • Propunere logo Rosal1
  • Aplicatie Transavia2 FB
  • Invitatie Mercedes-Benz Clasa A
  • Catalog produse interior
    Catalog produse interior
  • Catalog produse coperta
    Catalog produse